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Why do mosquito bites itch?
When a female mosquito bites, it injects an anti-coagulant within it’s saliva into the victim to assist the flow of blood.

The victim’s immune system produces histamine to combat this invading saliva. It is this action, by the victim’s own blood cells, which brings about the swelling, itching and irritation.

Mosquito bites can be sore and become very swollen and, if untreated, can cause serious health issues and carry a number of very dangerous viruses (Yellow Fever, Malaria, Dengue Fever, Zika …).

Most treatments (anti-histamine, calamine, lotions etc…) treat the after effects rather than deal with the bite itself. Many treatments are seldom effective and some can induce side effects and other health issues.

Only Aspivenin treats the bite …
The Aspivenin Bite and Sting Extractor treats the source of the problem, gently sucking out the injected saliva and the removing the need for the body to produce histamine. The blood settles down, the swelling reduces and the itchiness stops. It’s effect is usually immediate.

Applying the Aspivenin Bite and Sting Extractor for approximately two to three minutes is all that is required to completely remove the mosquito’s saliva and bring instant relief from the irritation.

The Aspivenin Bite and Sting Extractor can be used some days after the bite has occurred however sooner is always better and with early intervention it is possible to prevent the transmission of mosquito borne virus.

The Aspivenin Bite and Sting Extractor is cheap to buy, easy to use, and re-usable indefinitely. And it works.

Get protection and relief from mosquito bites for your family now.

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